Associate Companies


Ausland Export Pty Ltd specialises in meat exports and is a long term associate company of Samex.

Like Samex, we are also fully licensed and accredited with the Australian Government and appropriate international agencies, to export processed meat worldwide.

Our markets include the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan and South America.

Ausland has particular experience in large scale shipments and covers all types of premium quality meats including Wagyu and Black Angus beef, sheep, lamb, goat, venison and various other game meats, at competitive prices.

Exports of dairy products is also an increasingly important part of our trading activities.

Among our customers are Governments that require highly efficient, time critical deliveries for their various Government services.

Ausland's management team has many years collective experience in the Australian meat export industry and have wide knowledge of meat health safety requirements, demanded by various overseas markets.

The in-house documentation and shipping departments are fully computerised to provide fast and efficient order processing and prompt dispatch and on time delivery of goods.

John Gallagher

Director Meat Trading
Phone: 61 4188 19573
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Justin Gallagher

Marketing Manager
Phone: 61 4288 95358
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Ausland Export Pty Ltd

128 Gilbert Street,
Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: +61 8 8413 8090
Facsimile: +61 8 8410 6900
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