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Samex Peterborough

In January 2012, the Samex Group acquired 100% ownership of the Peterborough Abattoirs, trading as Samex Peterborough Pty. Ltd.

Samex Peterborough is an Export Registered Establishment through the Australian government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, under Establishment number 750. The abattoir is fully integrated with onsite slaughter, boning and freezing facilities.

The abattoir has recently undergone extensive renovations to improve efficiency and incorporate the latest technology in meat processing.

Located 260 Km’s north of Adelaide, Peterborough is ideally situated to process the camels that are mustered in central Australia.

Samex Peterborough is the only processor of Australian Free Range Camels, processing all year round. All camels processed at the site are slaughtered according to Islamic rites and therefore meet the strict religious requirements of all Muslim consumers.

As well as the high quality meat and offal products produced, we are also able to supply associated byproducts which include hides, meat and bone meal, and tallow.

Samex Peterborough continues to be a leader in the camel industry and we have a clear vision  highlighting the importance of this protein being available to the many communities that value its attributes as part of a highly nutritious and healthy diet.