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Matilda’s Natural Australian Lamb is a high quality, chilled all-natural product; pasture raised with no added hormones and raised without antibiotics, underpinned by animal welfare certification. A pure product from a pure environment.

Matilda’s Natural Australian Lamb is sourced from ranchers in Southern Australia dedicated to high standards of animal welfare and sustainable ranching systems, Matilda’s Lambs are raised on open pastures in an unspoiled environment. Our lamb is graded at the processing facility to ensure only the very best are selected, the cuts are then vacuum sealed for freshness and shipped to you as a chilled product (never frozen), allowing the product to age naturally. Matilda’s Natural Australian Lamb is available in a full range of well-trimmed cuts suitable for retail and food service outlets.

pasture raised
Matilda’s Natural Australian Lamb is produced in Southern Australia and is a pasture raised product; our sheep are grazed in open pastures and grasslands (paddocks) for their entire life. This means our lambs receive the substantial percentage of their feed and nutrients from open pastures.
No antibiotics
It is not industry practice to use antibiotics in lamb production in Australia unless a lamb is showing signs of illness. Lambs that have been treated with antibiotics because of illness are excluded from the Matildas Natural Australian Lamb program.
Matilda’s Natural Australian Lamb does not contain artificial ingredients or additives; all products have been minimally processed.
no added hormones
The use of Hormone growth promotants for sheep and lamb production in Australia is prohibited.
animal welfare certification
On the ranch, livestock welfare has been developed by Animal Health Australia, the sheep industry as well as state and federal governments and is regulated through state legislation. The standards are based on current scientific knowledge, recommended industry practice and community expectations.

The Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS) is an independently audited, usda recognised certification program used by australian livestock processors to demonstrate compliance with industry best practice animal welfare standards. The AAWCS covers all animal welfare activities at a participating livestock processing establishment - from receival of livestock at the establishment to the point of humane processing.