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Samex has invested heavily in the Australian Camel Meat Industry and recognises the role it can play in supplying the many markets that require camel meat as part of their daily diet.

Low in cholesterol and high in protein, camel meat is similar in taste and texture to beef. All Samex Camel meat is processed from free range, chemical free livestock making it a completely natural product. The National Heart Foundation has recognised camel meat as a health food.

Camels are an introduced species in Australia and are considered a pest. Samex is working in alliance with the Australian Government's camel management framework in order to reduce the impact of feral camels on the environment.

All Samex Camel is processed in fully accredited export registered abattoirs under Australian Government supervision. All animals undergo an ante and post mortem veterinary inspection to ensure all food safety requirements are met.

Samex is the sole supplier of Camel Meat to the United States where it has been developing the market in conjunction with a local importer since 2008. Samex now export more than 300 Metric Tonnes of Camel Meat to that destination every year.

Samex have also developed markets for Camel Meat in The Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia where our product has quickly been recognised for its quality and reliability.

Halal Certified

Samex is a major exporter of meat products to Muslim markets. We offer Halal certified meat that has been slaughtered by registered Muslim slaughtermen in accordance with Islamic rites under the supervision of the Australian government.

Our Products


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