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Fancy Meats / Offal

Samex supplies a full range of beef and sheep offal products trimmed to the specific requirements of customers in different global markets.

We are Australia’s largest exporter of offal to Asia and a major supplier to The Middle East, Africa, Russia and other world markets.

Our product is sourced from key producer nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and major South American suppliers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

This large supplier base means we can provide all types of offal and package it according to each customer’s market needs, including chilled or frozen, Vacuum packed, individually wrapped, Layer Packed, Multi Wrapped or Tray packed

Included in our extensive sheep and beef offal range are tripe, omasum, tendon, aorta, tail, membrane, pizzle, testes, heart, liver, lung, brain, tongue and kidney.

Our entire product is slaughtered and prepared under stringent hygiene regulations according to the exacting standards laid down by local health and quarantine authorities.

In Australia this means the offal is inspected by government officers before and after the washing and trimming process, and the entire product is packed and temperature controlled within two hours of the animal’s slaughter.

Samex also works closely with import authorities to ensure the product complies with local import requirements. For example, offal exported to the European Union is certified to be derived from animals entirely free of hormonal growth promotants.

Our Products

Beef Offal

  • 6010 Tongue - Short Cut

    Tongue – Short Cut derived from a Tongue – Long Cut by the removal of the larynx and the tongue root is removed directly below the hyoid bones, and the membrane between the epiglottis and the tongue is retained undamaged. Salivary glands are removed.

  • 6025 Tongue - Swiss Cut Special Trim

    Derived from a Tongue Short Cut – Special Trim – the hyoid bon is removed.

  • 6040 Tongue Root

    Derived from a Tongue Long Cut and consists of the soft tissue surrounding the throat organs.

  • 6060 Cheek - Papillae Off

    Cheek – Papillae Off is prepared by the removal of the lips from the conical papillae. Excessive fat is removed.

  • 6070 Tail

    The Tail is removed from the Carcase at the sacrococcygeal junction and the fat is trimmed to 6mm. The last two or three tail joints are removed to a minimum tail length and thickness as agreed between buyer and seller.

  • 6080 Liver

    Liver is prepared from the hepatic lymph nodes incised and attached. Fat, blood vessels and connective tissue attached to the liver are removed.

  • 6090 Kidney

    Kidney is prepared by the removal of the blood vessels and ureter at their point of entry. The Kidney capsule is removed and the fat in the renal hilus is partially removed.

  • 6100 Heart

    Heart is removed from the pericardium and the arteries, veins and fat cap is trimmed from the base of the heart.

  • 6141 Rumen Pillars

    Rumen Pillars are derived from Tripe Raw Un-scalded. Rumen Pillars are removed from the Tripe in one piece with external fat deposits removed.

  • 6152 Tripe - Honeycomb

    Honeycomb is derived from Tripe – Scalded.

  • 6153 Tripe Pieces (Scalded)

    Tripe Pieces are the remaining portions of Tripe scalded after the removal of the Pillars and Honeycomb.

  • 6180 Testes

    Testes are prepared by the removal of the epididymis, which is attached to the caudal border.

  • 6190 Spleen

    The Spleen is prepared by the removal of the splenic blood vessels.

  • 6200 Tendons

    Tendons consist of the superficial and deep flexor tendons and surrounding fibrous tissue of the Fore and Hind feet. Tendons can be prepared and described as a specific portion of the skeletal structure e.g. Achilles tendon, Flexor tendons.

  • 6210 Lungs

    Lungs are prepared by the removal of the trachea.

  • 6221 Body fat

    Body Fat is derived from a Bovine carcase, and is prepared by removing the fat overlying specific regions of the body. Body fat is predominately subcutaneous os selvedge fat but can include intramuscular fat. Dingo bait, kidney, sinew, membrane and portions of meat are not included.

  • 6222 Neck Bone

    Neck Bone consists of the 7 cervical vertebrae. The muscular portion along the lateral side is removed. The neck can be further processed by whizard trimming to remove meat portions after the boning process.

  • 6240 Head Meat

    Head Meat consists of any meat removed from the skull or lower jaw with the exception of the cheek papillae.

  • 6260 Lips

    Lips are derived from the Cheek Papillae On and are the portion of the cheek exhibiting the conical papillae.

  • 6270 Diaphragm Membrane

    Diaphragm Membrane is the fascia with pleura and peritoneal covering. Membrane may contain small amounts of muscular pillars and associated fat.

  • 6499 Feet

    Beef Feet are prepared from a bovine animal comprising of the metacarpus, metatarsus and phalanges.

Our Products

Sheep / Goat Offal

  • 7000 Tongue - Long Cut

    Tongue – Long Cut is prepared with the roots attached. The fat attached to the lateral and ventral surface of the tongue is trimmed as specified between buyer and seller.

  • 7040 Kidney

    Kidney is prepared by the removal of blood vessels and ureter at their point of entry. The Kidney capsule is removed and the fat in the renal hilus is partially removed.

  • 7050 Heart

    Heart is removed from the pericardium and the arteries and veins trimmed from the base of the heart.

  • 7080 Tripe (Scalded)

    Tripe Scalded is prepared from Raw Tripe and consists of the paunch and the Honeycomb. The Tripe is rinsed clean of any paunch content leaving the brown / black mucous membrane intact. The external surface is trimmed of fat deposits and the mucous membrane is removed by scalding with hot water.

  • 7100 Lungs

    Lungs are prepared by removal of the trachea and separating left and right lung.

  • 7140 Pluck

    Pluck consists of the liver, heart, lungs, trachea and portion of the diaphragm together as one item.

  • 7150 Head

    Head consists of the skull and lower jaw with muscles attached.